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The farm dairy: our milk, yoghurt and cheese can be bought directly from our farm dairy. It is worth ringing us before coming to make sure someone is around (654145154). Vista Alegre Baserria / Caserío Vista Alegre, Matienzo 31, Karrantza.

Asociación Sosterra: Javi 645294491 (Colindres)

BioZelai:  Ruben 685798567

Nekasare: we distribute our products through the farmer-consumer network Nekasare in the following places: Abadiño, Balmaseda, Deusto, Gasteiz, Getxo, Portugalete, Sopelana, Urduña, Zalla and Zeberio. For more details see and click on "Nekasare"

Urbide Ekologikoak: This network supplies consumers in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Ana: 644274371)

Zuia Naturala Elkarte Ekologikoa: A local consumer group centered in Murguia, Alava (zuianaturala@gmail-com)

Fairs and markets : we go to different fairs and markets around Bizkaia, although we cannot guarantee our presence due to the way in which these fairs are organized. We also go to a few fairs in other provinces. 

- February 3rd, Abadiño

- March 15th, 16th or 17th, Güeñes

- First Sunday May Urduña (organic)

- Mid July, Karrantza

-  August: Getxo

- Mid September, Algorta (organic)

- Mid September, Astrabudua (organic)

- End September Mungia (organic)

- End September, Durango

- First Saturday October, Karrantza

- First Saturday October, Gasteiz

- October 7th, Zalla

- mid November, Sondika

- Mid  November, Basauri (responsable eating)

- First Sunday December, Gordexola

- December 21st, Santo Tomas, Bilbo

From January 2017 we go to the weekly farmers' market held in El Arenal in Bilbao, every Saturday from 11am to 2pm.

Shops: you can also find our products in the shops listed below, mainly in the area between Karrantza and Bilbao, but also in Gasteiz, Alava.

Our dairy herd gives a limited amount of milk

and, thus, we only produce a limited amount

of pasteurised milk, yoghurts and cheese. We

try to sell as dirrectly as possible to consumers

or in small shops.


Special corner for schools: visit our special corner for schools for special information about our farm and the farm dairy. There are resource materials for teachers. In this corner you can find out how to arrange a class outing to our farm.

Copy left: With due regard to both constructive criticism and respect, the information posted on this website may be used freely for socially orientated and solidarity minded projects in order to further food sovereignty.