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Vista Alegre Baserria

The Vista Alegre farm is located in the Valley of Karrantza (Bizkaia) in the Basque Country. We have a dairy herd and from 2011 we pasteurise our own milk and make yoghurts and cheeses in a small dairy we have built especially for this purpose on the farm. We only use our own milk. In April 2013 we completed our two year conversion to the Basque organic livestock scheme and all our products are now officially certified organic.

The aim of our website is to offer consumers information about what milk is, where it comes from and how milk, yoghurt and cheese may differ according to the way in which dairy cows are fed. The website offers additional information about our energy consumption, the sort of pots and bottles our milk and yoghurts are sold in, the plant biodiversity of the fields we run... We hope that when consumers buy milk, yoghurt or cheese it is the result of an  informed choice.¡You can also visit our farm toeverything first hand!

In the following video you will be able to know our work better


Special corner for schools: visit our special corner for schools for special information about our farm and the farm dairy. There are resource materials for teachers. In this corner you can find out how to arrange a class outing to our farm.

Copy left: With due regard to both constructive criticism and respect, the information posted on this website may be used freely for socially orientated and solidarity minded projects in order to further food sovereignty.