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Is the tractor the only machine we use on the farm?

… look and see what machinery we use on the Vista Alegre farm…



Of course we have a tractor… in fact we have three...

This is our “old” tractor

This is the “new” tractor

This is the “small” tractor

called the Pasquali

Tractors are really useful because many farm implements can only be used with one.

You can find many implements on the Vista Alegre farm:

A mower to mow grass


A self-loader to collect the grass…  remolque

… which is then given to the cows in their barn

If the grass is going to be baled for hay or silage, a tedder moves the grass to fluff it up and aerate it.


A rake then windrows the grass (puts it into rows)


A big baler bales the grass which is then wrapped in plastic by a bale wrapper
The bale is then left in a bale park



A slurry scraper clears the slurry from the floor of the cow barn and pushes it into a slurry pit.
(The scraper works without a tractor)



A slurry or muck spreader

The slurry is spread in the fields


A cistern or tank with water for the cattle


To pick up bales

Eta alpapa fardoak hartzeko


On our farm we also have some machines that work without a tractor…

The hand mower for cutting grass around the edges of fields or for cutting a ration of fresh grass every day for the cows in spring and summer which they eat in the cow barn after (morning) and before (afternoon) milking
A strimmer for clearing steep slopes and field edges
A chain saw for preparing fence posts and other jobs
A small mechanical plough for preparing the allotments


We also use a lot of hand tools:

In the cow barn there are pitch forks, brushes, brooms, a “trinque” (it’s like a fork but half way down bent in at a right angle.... you use it to pull grass along, for example):

In our allotments we use mattocks and hoes:

We use scythes and rakes to cut and gather grass

scythe rake

For chopping firewood and to make fence posts or poles, for example, we have axes, hatchets and saws.
Most repairs are done on the farm.


There is also special machinery for milking the cows:

In the milking parlour

A milk tank for cooling the milk


Lastly,  there are other machines in the farm dairy:

The milk pasteuriser, which we also use to make yogurt and cheese

A machine to bag or bottle milk


Pasteurising milk and making yoghurts and cheese uses a lot of hot water. We heat water in two different ways in the dairy:

An oil-based boiler

We are also installing solar panels

Selling our milk, yoghurts and cheese means going to market and we have a special refrigerated van.

See how many of these machines and implements you can count if you visit our farm!

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