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Come and visit the Vista Alegre farm!

You can see our cows and calves, our allotments and our fields.

See our dairy products: pasteurised milk, natural yoghurt and cheeses.

We will try and answer all your questions!

Visits in Basque, English or Castillian (Spanish)

It is important to let us know beforehand if you are coming: please ring 654145154 and ask for Helen

Prepare a visit beforehand :Look at photos of the farm and the farm dairy and what we do there.

-Is the tractor the only machine on a farm?
-Vista Alegre farm animals
-A day on the Vista Alegre farm
-There is more than just grass in our fields
-Cows do not use the loo
-What is on the menu for our cows?

* For secondary school, sixth form and university students we recommend our longer, more detailed documents in corner of the website “In much greater detail”

* Join our photo gallery! We can put the photos of your visit on our website (if the photo is of underage school children or students, parental permission is necessary).


Special corner for schools: visit our special corner for schools for special information about our farm and the farm dairy. There are resource materials for teachers. In this corner you can find out how to arrange a class outing to our farm.

Copy left: With due regard to both constructive criticism and respect, the information posted on this website may be used freely for socially orientated and solidarity minded projects in order to further food sovereignty.