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June, 2020 PDF Print E-mail

What happened on the farm in June?

The 8th and 9th, the Health Department of the Basque Government

took samples of our mature and fresh cheeses to check for Listeria

monocytogenes, Salmonella ssp o Estafiloenterotoxina and such like.

These are random checks and it is not the first time our dairy products

have been analysed. Once again the results have been very good, as

none of these undesirable elements were detected in our fesh cheese.

We have still to receive the results for the mature cheese.


One mixed beef/dairy heifer calf was born on the 7thof  June.

On the 14th a second dairy heifer calf was born, finally giving us a

new member for our dairy herd.


What was the weather like?

Once again we had very mixed weather, with some very hot, dry

spells during which the thermometer reached 32ºC and other damper,

cooler spells with maximum temperatures of only 20ºC. Total rainfall

for the month was quite high, over 110 litres.


What did the cows eat?

As it has rained a lot in June there is plenty of grass in the fields so

the cows have grazed most days. We have also taken them freshly

mown grass to the brn and given them a little silage and feedstuff.

The heifers grazed every day

Recipe of the month: Fresh cheese with honey caramel

150g fresh cheese

5 bananas

120g raspberries

For the Caramel:

150g sugar

100g honey

100ml water

Several drops of lemon juice

Make the caramel by placing the water, honey, sugar and lemon drops

in a pan and heating until they caramelise, stirring continuously. Remove

from heat and let any foam or bubbles subside. Put the caramel between

two sheets of greaseproof paper and roll out as thin as possible. Leave

to cool and remove the greaseproof paper.

Peel the bananas and slice, not thickly nor too finely. Cut the fresh cheese

in horizontal slices.

Place on one or individual plates alternating layers of fresh cheese,

bananas, raspberries and bits of caramel.

The idea is then, of course, to enjoy eating it!

Flower of the month: Pyrenean germander (Teucrium



This lovely little sprawling flower only grows in a couple of places

on the farm, on rock faces or amongst stones. We have found very

little information about this plant except that it grows from the

Pyrenees to Picos de Europa and that it has been used in the past

to cure stomach aches. It has no forrage value. There are many

members of the Teucrim genus worldwide and the genus name is

believed to come from King Teucer of Troy.

Although butterflies have been around much earlier in the year than

usual, there are now many more, in number and species, such as this

peacock butterfly (Aglais io).


One of the two ladies on our work team who had corona virus related

symptoms, has had another swab test, again with negative results.

No blood test has been granted but the lady has been authorised to

return to work. In the meantime there is no firm evidence as to whe-

ther she has or has not had Corona Virus. We feel the changing

nature of information related to the Corona Virus, the uncertainty

hanging over the results of some tests and how the general popula-

tion or, in our case, small firms, should respond in this sort of situa-

tion are things that should be openly debated in the near future.

Once again,the big hospital in Bilbao, Cruces, included Vista Alegre

yoghurt and cheese in their special organic menu, coinciding with

June 5th, International Environment Day. This initiative seems par-

ticularly relevant this year, bearing in mind the importance local

healthy food has acquired during the COVID crisis.

And last, but not least, our congratulations to Miren on the birth of her daughter

Amaiur on the 6th of June. We wish them both well.

The quality of our milk


Optimum result

Farm result




Fat content









Somatic cell count



Presence  / absence antibiotics




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